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who lost his life at a race track. it took place at his middle school in santa rosa. he was in the pit at marysville race way on saturday when his cousin 17-year-old chase johnson lost control. his car slammed into a pit killing the 14-year-old and 68-year-old from grass valley. more on the victims and the crash. >> reporter: the start of the civil war sprint car series took a tragic turn at race way park saturday night. in a practice run, chase johnson seen here lost control. he watched the car leave the track. >> he must have been going 90 and there is not much you can do when the car is going that fast. >> he hit his cousin mar marcus johnson and also killed was 68-year-old from grass valley. they were at the penngrove home was the sign saying privacy to deal with the horrible tragedy. friends left flowers at muffler shop that the father owns here in santa rosa. 11-year-old michael is also an award sprint car driver. as a father his death has hit him hard. >> he was sweet kid, i know that his dad loved him very much. >> he was always nice and nice to talk to. >> michael said he is s
. in 2008 her 18-year-old son was stabbed to death in new jersey. >>> the 14-year-old santa rosa boy killed at marysville race way is being remembered as track reopens tonight. a private funeral was held today. a public memorial for the eighth grader is planned for tomorrow. he was killed along with 68-year-old grass valley man when a car was driven by 17-year-old cousin flew off the track. the accident is being blamed off mechanical failure. >>> there will be closures along the nimitz freeway. between hegenberger road and 98th avenue will be closed from 1:00 to 6:00. drivers will follow a detour. it's part of a construction part of a shuttle bridge that will link bart and oakakakland airpo. this is time lapse video of the work last weekend. project should be finished by the end of the year. >> there be road closures and parking restrictions in the east bay tomorrow at some 8500 runners hit the streets for the running festival. this is the race route that gets underway at 7:30 tomorrow morning. this is the course which starts at snow park. there is also a half marathon as well as a 5-k. >>
, not with all the answers but with a lot of hurt. >> a memorial with marcus johnson here at santa rosa bible church. his life was kron called on stage from infancy to basketball to a go-cart racer. they had a loving and supportive relationship. his short life touched hundreds of people. they gathered at the church to honor and celebrate his life. his mother deanna johnson was deeply touched. >> i'm overwhelmed by the number of people that are here. he would be overwhelmed i think he would say, wow, cool. >> he was killed march 16th when a sprinted car driven by his cousin chase johnson malfunctioned. the car geared off the track killing mar kiss and a supporter. his mother mentioned taking him to school each day. >> it's going to be really hard taking him to school and picking him up every day. every day i pass middle rincon road and have tears in my eyes. >> they talked about his behavior and young female friend broke down in tears for a song dedicated to marcus. >> his family said he would like to help students that are less fortunate. some of the money will go to help to pay for students.
. it will be a cool start. 36 degrees in napa. 38 in santa rosa. 39 degrees in livermore, concord. 41 in vallejo. 43 in san mateo. clear skies, you get good cooling taking place and temperatures drop. it's not that windy and breezy over the higher terrain. 70 in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. 69 in sunnyvale. 73 degrees in gilroy. 66 in redwood city. mid to upper 50s near the coastline. half moon bay, 58 degrees. if you don't like it too mild, just head to daly city or sunset district, mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco, low 60s. north bay communities, a little breezy at times. 66 in petaluma. clearlake, upper 60s around santa rosa and sonoma. the napa, 70 degrees. east bay, sun, high clouds, just a beautiful day, 67. newark, san leandro, 68 in oakland. 70 degrees in concord. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, we're going bump up the numbers a few degrees on sunday. certainly more sun around. slight dip in the temperatures monday, a little cooler on tuesday. we're going to go with a slim chance of a few showers on wednesday, but it's better likelihood by the end of the workw
now you santa rosa 53 degrees. livermore 55. here is a look at what is coming. we will continue with the clouds, fog and spotty drizzle tonight. sunny and windy tomorrow. mild inland as we head towards the weekend. cool conditions remain near the coastline. here is the cold front that has been responsible for not only the showers but the drizzle we have been seeing tonight. and that is pretty much moving out of the picture. but we will see the drizzle fading overnight tonight. like i said, still low level moisture. here is 11:00 p.m. tonight. san jose down towards the suze mountains still a little bit of green showing up and then lingering clouds for 5:00 a.m. with fog around and it will be dense in pockets so watch out for that. temperatures upper 30s to the the upper 40s. coolest locations in the inland valleys where you will see some clearing by morning. tomorrow afternoon, sunshine. breezy. south bay 64. san jose 63 in sunnyvale. santa cruz 65 degrees on the peninsula. 61 san mateo. 62 redwood city. you will feel the wind coming through the gap. sfo gusty winds. 54 pacifica.
side downtown san francisco, looking at clear skies, 55 degrees in santa rosa. 51 in fairfield and 53 in livermore. forecast features, clear skies will remain with us. gusty conditions. sunny and mild and breezy during the day, as well. this mild and dry pattern will go right into the weekend and winds will diminish. satellite animation over the last 12 hours, high pressure remaining in control of our weather picture. because of the circulation around the center, we do have dry offshore winds. they were getting stronger and stronger. we're going to give you a little computer forecast of wind speeds and wind gusts overnight. coloration here goes this way. the darker colors towards orange stronger the winds and lighter colors we'll see lighter wind gusts. strongest winds will be offshore then along the coastline, strong winds inland around the delta, fairfield, 30 mile-per-hour gusts. overnight inland areas, continue to see stronger and stronger gusts developing, up to 43 mile-an-hour at fairfield. along the coastline will be diminishing and by midday, late morning hours we'll see gusts
rosa to get to us where we should be for this time of year. much-needed moisture heading to the bay area. temperatures first thing in the morning in the 40's and you will see cloud cover around tomorrow afternoon. looking at temperatures ranging from the 60's to the 70's for most areas but half machine bay 59 degree degrees. see some sunny break in the south bay but not so much up to the north. clear lake rain first. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast and features rain. for the first day of spring. which is wednesday. windy thursday. certainly see the sun though and temperatures will slowly come up as we head into your weekend. looking nice for the weekend in case you are already looking, always looking right dan. >> monday is over. >> exactly we are already looking ahead. >> steaming toward the weekend already. >> thanks very much. >> 4 days to go still to come. world tiniest medical micro scope. bay area cancer patient who is already benefiting from it. >> i'm confident the tumor is again and basically cured. >> plus the science behind nature very own alarm [ man ] it's
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7